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We both did.

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Let’s go.

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Team Arrow Sassy

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arrow meme | ten episodes
↳  Heir to the Demon [2/10]

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could do one where Oliver and felicity complete a mission but the guy gets away and swears that he will hunt felicity down so Oliver is like you are staying with me until we catch this guy, and then like felicity can't sleep and wanders about Oliver's apartment and finds his spare bow and arrow and starts like pretending to shoot arrows from it and acting like she's a superhero and Oliver sees and they have a talk and felicity explains she always wanted to be a hero but feels like she isn't


[Okay, Anon, you’re another one I have to apologize to.  This prompt would not cooperate with me!  So eventually I gave up and wrote what wanted to be written instead of trying to force it.  So it doesn’t have the prancing around section.  And it ended less silly and more serious.

Also, for some reason this ended up set in the mansion instead of Oliver’s apartment, because I jotted it down while I was at work and didn’t have direct access to the wording of your prompt.  I know; I know!  I suck!  Sorry!]


Felicity couldn’t sleep.

But she also couldn’t imagine how anyone could sleep in this room, with its priceless mahogany furniture, heavy curtains, and giant four-poster bed, so covered in heavy duvets and pillows that there was barely room for her in it.

She sighed, tossing three more pillows to the floor in her aggravation.  This was ridiculous.

Slipping out of the bed, she crept barefoot across the room, slipping her robe on as she went.

She supposed really, uncomfortable or not, she would still rather be here with the knowledge of Oliver sleeping just down the hall.  Officer Lance’s words were still ringing in her ears.

“The prison guards heard him chanting your name in his sleep.  We think he’ll try to come for you.”

So the police had set up a sting at her house, and Oliver had insisted she stay with him.

She quietly padded into the bathroom and ran the faucet, cupping her hands to catch some water for a quick drink before heading for the bedroom door, thinking vaguely about raiding the kitchen—assuming she could find it—for a midnight snack.  Perhaps that would help put her to sleep.

She eased the heavy oak door open quietly enough, but clapped her hand to her mouth to cover a small yelp of surprise.  Leaning against the wall directly beside her door sat Oliver, wearing a pair of blue plaid cotton pants and a white T-shirt, his bow and quiver lying across his lap.

She smiled softly at the scene.  His head had dropped back against the wall, his mouth open slightly while he slept.

Hugging her robe a little more tightly around her, she carefully sat down beside him on the floor, doing her best not to disturb him.  Watching him warily, she whispered softly, “Oliver?  Are you awake?”

He didn’t stir.  He must have been exhausted.

Slowly, tentatively, she dropped her head to rest on his shoulder.  When he still didn’t wake, she let out a soft breath of relief, and let her shoulders slump as she relaxed.  Within moments, she’d fallen asleep.

Had there been someone there to observe them, that person might have noticed that Oliver’s grip had tightened on his bow and his head had lifted for a moment at the first sound of footsteps behind Felicity’s door.

That observer might have thought it odd that someone like Oliver Queen—a notoriously uneasy sleeper—wouldn’t wake at the sound of his own name.

And the observer would likely have then witnessed the faintest tug at the corner of Oliver’s mouth when Felicity’s head came to lay on his shoulder, as well as the tilting of his own head until it came to rest on top of hers.

As it was, there was no one there to notice how his grip slowly relaxed again, or how his breathing slowly evened out to match hers.  But it happened that way just the same.

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Thea Queen was weak. No matter what happens, I will be s t r o n g.

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Thank you for answering but I disagree I think we do know how. Look at it like this we know how felicity ray starts we know they will be great together (straight from MG) there is a 90% chance we will get jealous oliver (unfortunately) then ray will be revealed as the atom he'll be apart of the team so he'll see how o/f are around one another something will happen to oliver (almost dying, or almost leaving with ras al ghul) she'll freak ray will see how in love she is with O and leave her.

(cont.) All to set up the finale and her telling him how in love with him she is. We know if what I said isn’t true it’ll be pretty damn close cause that’s how triangles work and that’s why I’m upset I wanted something special and epic for olicity not something that’s done on every single TV show. I’m not trying to be rude or mean I just enjoy talking to other about the show and hearing other opinions.

Dw I’m happy to chat with you! (:

Unfortunately I can’t say it won’t turn out exactly like that, but I have faith in the writers. I have faith that even if they do go down that route, it’ll be angsty and interesting and keep me wanting more. The execution of these ideas is what’ll set the show apart, the context, the characters, the actors. They are all original and different and we can never really know for sure how they’ll react. I think you’ve just gotta keep an open mind. Even if the storyline isn’t totally original, doesn’t mean it can’t be epic. 

Team Arrow Hottie. 

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"how did you get him to sleep?"


"I didn’t," John murmured, shaking his head sadly at his wife. She hugged him tightly and they both looked over at Oliver, asleep at last on their sofa.

"I think his body finally just gave out on him."

Lyla sighed. “It only took 3 days.”

John ran his hand down his face. “I don’t know how to do this,” he said, his voice cracking. “She’s my best friend. I don’t know how to keep this all going if she’s gone.”

Lyla took his hand in hers, kissing his knuckles. “You won’t have to,” she said. “You’ll find her. I know you will.”

John prayed she was right.

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an arrow social media au



Manu Bennett takes the Ice Bucket Challenge today at DragonCon

I miss Manu, I hope he comes back soon to Arrow

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5 ways to cure boredom?
  1. eat
  2. go on one of those stupid article sites and read all of the ‘10 famous popstars that got bitten by a raccoon’ thingies and just let it happen
  3. make food and then eat it
  4. watch a marvel movie
But to me that's the biggest problem with ray we already know what happens before it happens. It's a predictable story line there's no suspense there. And since triangles are done so much nowadays they are also kinda boring too.

(cont.) And to be honest I don’t see how it’s good character development for oliver everyone says sara made him regress I feel ray is the same way. Cause it’s still showing he doesn’t get good things in life it’s not moving him past that.

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. It’s true that we can probably be like 80-99% sure that Olicity will get together eventually, but we don’t know how. As far as Oliver’s development goes, he will progress. No doubt about it. He will realise that he cannot keep pushing people away, that doing so won’t guarantee their safety. I can’t say when exactly, but it’ll happen. The writers have said that the season is about Oliver figuring out how and if he can be both Oliver Queen and the Arrow, and one way or another he will find a way. 

Personally though, I’m mostly interested to see how they handle the dynamic between the three of them. How Oliver will react to Felicity and Ray, how Ray will react to Felicity and Oliver, how Felicity will react to being in the middle etc.

I’m interested to see how far the Felicity/Ray relationship will go, and how much of an affect it’ll have on the rest of the team. It’s a real test of all of their relationships, Oliver’s previous relationships have always had a pretty big impact on the team, Laurel, Sara, Helena, especially with Diggle. How will he react to an equally tall, strong dude moving in on his friend? I wanna see bigbro!Diggle, threats and everything. Don’t look at it simply from an Olicity standpoint, because there’s just so much more going on. 

Bottom line though, this is arrow, and they will never allow the love triangle to dominate the show, they have always been extremely conscious of that. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and they know that. The audience of the show is extremely diverse, so they’ll always make an effort not to alienate viewers with an abundance of romance and whatnot.

Remember though, even if they aren’t officially together, doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of Olicity scenes (good or bad, happy or sad) to satisfy your (very understandable) needs. I’m confident this season is going to be crazy awesome.