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Good luck to him/her who dates Stephen’s daughter in the future


I totally agree!!


Oliver loving Felicity

Insp. (x)

I'm prompting you to write the flowershop/allergy prompt :)


"I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is" au

JFC this is possibly the fucking CUTEST thing I’ve ever written.

Felicity Smoak owned the flower shop downstairs.

In the four months since he’d moved in, Oliver hadn’t really had any reason to step foot into the small shop. He wasn’t seeing anyone, and so didn’t really need to buy any flowers, and he’d been trying to get settled in his new place. Add a stressful job into the mix, and it turned into something he kept meaning to do but never got around to.

He’d seen her around - Blonde hair in a high ponytail, glasses perched on the edge of her nose, arranging the displays and hanging plants outside the front of the store. She was always dressed as colorfully as her flowers, sometimes in short sundresses, sometimes jeans and a vibrant flowing sleeveless shirt, one memorable time in a brightly tie-dyed tee. And despite the inviting blast of cool, crisp air conditioning whenever he walked by the front and someone was coming out the door, despite the scent of lilacs carrying up through his street-facing window in the humidity of the late June evenings, despite Felicity looking like someone he really, really wanted to get to know, he kept putting it off. 

He told Sara it was because he was busy. Sara said it was because he was an idiot.


None of it mattered though, because one night in early July, Oliver started sneezing.

And he didn’t stop.

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The worst. [deathbulge]

I always take this VERY personally.

Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you

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life’s for the living (so live it)


“I won’t wait with you.”

The words are bitter on her tongue and right then she hates him almost as much as she hates herself for saying them.

She doesn’t hate him, of course. She fucking loves him and that’s why this is so damn painful. Because he’s stubborn and masochistic and whether it’s in two days or twenty years he’ll die for this cause.

She’s strong and brave and hell if she hasn’t proven that time and again. She can cry for all she’s lost, they’ve lost, and still pull herself out of that darkness. She’s drawn to the light in the world like a moth to a flame and that flame inside her is almost impossible to extinguish.

But he has that power. He can put out that light.

He holds that power every time he walks out the door, and she sits praying that he’ll come home alive. And he doesn’t care. He’s blinded by his need to fight, to be this soldier he’s created, that he’ll let his life fall forgotten by the wayside.

She won’t let him break her.

He can break her heart, but not her soul.

And that’s why she says it. She’ll stand beside him through thick and thin but she won’t accompany him on a journey towards a death he sees as inevitable. She’ll aid him in battle for the light at the end of the tunnel. But she’ll turn away if there is no light on the other side.

That’s not her life. That’s not how she’ll live. And that’s certainly not how she’ll die.

There are many things Felicity excels at, and surviving is one of them. So there, in that dimly lit room with his sad blue eyes fixed on her own, she breaks his heart to save hers.

Life’s too precious. And she wants to live. 

She wants him to live too. So much so that the alternative hurts so bad she can’t breathe.

But if he chooses to throw it all away, a form of self punishment that runs so deep she fears there’s no fixing it, she won’t let it break her. 

She breaks his heart to save her own.

No one will ever really know who she was … It’s not fair.

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arrow meme » seven outfits [01/07]

 helena bertinelli in the huntress returns

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